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South Coast Tours

South Coast Tours Jamaica

Welcome to South Coast Tours, come discover the many fascinating places.  the south coast is known for its many fascination features, you will find beautiful tropical countryside,  breathtaking views, fishing villages, beaches, great houses, natural waterfalls and healing springs, some of the most popular destinations on the South Coast is Mandeville, Whitehouse, Treasure Beach and Black River, all beautiful and has a lot to offer.

The South Coast of Jamaica is best known for these great attractions, Appleton Rum Estate, Black River, YS Falls,  hiking, tubing, swimming or zip-line tours.  When every you visit Jamaica, be sure to visit the South Coast as it is a must for the entire family.

Appleton Sugar Estate Tour

Appleton Rum Tour


Appleton Estate sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica that has been hand crafting rums since 1749. They produce a wide variety of aged rums, as well as standard gold and white rums. Located in the heart of the country's sugar cane belt, it is the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica. The Estate's sugar cane is harvested by machine as well as the old-fashioned way-by men wielding machetes.

Appleton Rum Estate parent company is the world famous J. Wray and Nephew Ltd., which also produces the popular Wray & Nephew White Over proof Rum. The Appleton Estate Rum Tour offers unique insight into a part of Jamaica's History and rich complex culture. The estate is home to the legendary Appleton Distillery, rum makers since 1749. Located in St. Elizabeth, on Jamaica's South Coast.Read more…

Black River Safari Tour

Black River Safari Jamaica Tours


The Black River Safari is one of Jamaica's best known natural habitat and the country's largest river. The Black River Safari encompasses many things but is best known for its ecological history. A tour on this nature lover's paradise will take you six miles up this beautiful river and back. The natural beauty of the milieu will mystify the mind like never before. There are over 100 species of beautiful birds that made the Black River Safari home but perhaps the most famous species of the Black River Safari are the endangered crocodiles. We invite you to discover the beauty of the South Coast with this hour and a half boat tour. We promise that This excursion is an unforgettable memory that… Read More…

YS Falls Tour

YS Falls Jamaica Tours

YS Falls is located in a secluded rural location approximately 2.5 hours away from Montego Bay. YS falls receives relatively few visitors, allowing you to relax and enjoy the surroundings, away from the crowds. The YS Estate is located deep in the sugar growing region of St. Elizabeth Parish. Once you arrive at the estate a tractor-pulled jitney will take you to the waterfalls. The YS Falls are 120 foot tall and cascade over seven levels. Steps have been built up the side of the falls so visitors can view the falls without getting wet. If you'd prefer a more interactive experience there are natural pools at the bottom of each level of the falls, lifeguards on the site will let you know which pools are safe to swim in. One pool features a rope swing where you can swing "tarzan-style" in to the water below. For a more relaxing swim there is also a 4 foot deep pool at the bottom of the falls which is fed by natural springs.Read More…