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By Jessie Duplantes on May 10, 2014
"MARTHA BRAE RIVER RAFTING WAS JUST PLAIN SAILING DOWN THE RIVER" As soon as my fiends saw this tour on the PPJTours website we knew this was one of many others that we wanted to do when we got to Jamaica. Booking was quite simple on the internet and one of the lads booked it on his iphone. We were all happy with the rates which included the entry fee for the rafting so all we needed to do was booked, get picked up and then go. 4 persons within Our group of 8 lads stayed at Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa in Montego bay which is owned by the same owner of Paradise Palms Jamaica Tours. Our driver come to get the others who were staying at our hotel at Secrets St James where 4 of us were staying. When we reached Martha Brae river we found it to be a very tranquil place and we all had a beautiful lingering ride down the slow and winding river on the bamboo raft which lasted for about an hour and a half. The scenery was beautiful with canopies of bamboo overhead. After our trip from the martha brae river Courtney took us to a jerk centre for some jamaican cuisine and jamaican beers and we all had a fabulous time on the tour. He then took us back to our hotel at Secrets St James and then we went over to spend the evening with our friends at paradise palms jamaica villa as they were having a big Bar B Que with loads of drinks. I thanks you guys that we had a good deal with your tour company and when we return in January next year we shall certainly be booking with Paradise Palms Jamaica again.
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