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By Larry Marshall on May 10, 2014
The kids loved Rockland Bird Sanctuary tour from Falmouth Cruise Pier We booked online as I was taking a group of disabled children for some bird therapy session in Jamaica.We place our booking with Paradise Palms jamaica Tours a transportation company based in montego bay. There were 5 children that I was taking with me and another colleague of mine. Booking was quite simple and includes the entrance fee as all other tours that they do. Our driver was early to pick us up from Falmouth cruise ship pier. Courtney our driver was on time to meet us and took us to Rockland Bird Sanctuary located just outside of montego bay at a place called anchovy which was in the hills. As we arrived the children was very happy to be seeing birds which were flitting by all of them. It was amazing to see the lovely Doctor bird so close and the children loved it.Courtney took a lot of pictures for us. The guide at Rocklands Bird sanctuary sat down the children and gave them bottles the guide started calling the birds which came to be fed and there was a variety of birds on the feeders. The guide and courtney took a lot of pictures with our camera which I was able to print for the children when we returned home. The scenery at Rocklands was also beautiful and was lovely and the guide explained to the children about the different trees, and flowers found in the garden. The kids really enjoyed the day out and experience they gained and I know that this was very therapeutic for them. After the tour was completed we asked Courtney to take us for Jamaican refreshments which we had at Island Grill in Montego bay. We even had a little shopping in mega mart which was next door. He waited for us and had some food as well then we headed back to the cruise port in Falmouth. The rates was excellent and I believe we had a bargain.We recommend Paradise Palms Jamaica Tours as a reputable tours company to travel with.
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