Zip Line Canopy Rockland Bird Sanctuary Tour for Falmouth Pier.

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Zip Line canopy and Rockland Bird Sanctuary tour from Falmouth Cruise Pier, Paradise Palms Jamaica Tours offers Tours from Falmouth Cruise Ship to the Zip line Canopy in the hills of Lethe in Montego Bay, enjoy the views of rural Jamaica on the longest Zip line in the Caribbean, one of 5 Zip lines, varying in length from 250' to the amazing 1,600' Big Timba. Zip line Canopy  welcome you to Lethe Estates, a private, gated farming community situated along the Great River.

Zip Line Canopy and Rockland Bird Sanctuary from Falmouth Cruise Shore Excursions 

Feel the sensation of flying with the birds as you pass over the tree canopy. Marvel at magnificent views of the Jamaica hills and farmland and the Great River below, while traveling at speeds of 40 mph. Climb onto the jungle bridge, 250' long, as you travel to the next Zip line with our professional guides. 

Every Zip line canopy tour includes an exciting off-road ride in our 6-wheel drive Pinzgauers, military troop transport vehicles, and the Flavors of Jamaica eco tour. Photographers are available for hire for $35-$50 for a group of 2-6 which you are able to take your photo CD home after your tour.

The welcome area, "The Green," features a snack bar, rest room facilities, and tables and chairs along side the Great River where guests relax, Other activities in Lethe including liquor tasting and bamboo river rafting and after this exhilaration experience journey over to the Rockland Bird Station.

Rockland's Bird Sanctuary is located in the little town of Anchovy about 3 miles outside Montego Bay. At the Rockland's Bird Sanctuary you will find the Red-billed Streamertail and the Jamaican Mango birds which are so tame that they will come straight to a handheld bottle of sugar water and some of them will even sit on your finger to feed from the bottles. 

Research has shown that there are 4 species of hummingbird resident in Jamaica of which 3 of them can be found at Rockland's, however the 4th, which is the Black-billed Streamertail, is only found in the very eastern part of Jamaica. The Sanctuary provides seeds to put on your hand for the Black-faced Grassquit,Yellow-faced Grassquit and Orangequit. Around the feeders on the patio are Bananaquit and Greater Antillean Bullfinch. 

At the Rockland's Bird Sanctuary there is an outdoor patio area, where you can sit and watch more birds such as Jamaican Oriole using the feeders. Common ground-Dove and Caribbean Dove can be found around the gardens, looking for the spilt seed provided in the sanctuary. There is a guided tour which allows visitors to walk through the woods where you will be able to see some other Jamaican and Caribbean species as well as some familiar North American warblers wintering in the Caribbean, such as Black-throated Blue Warbler, American Redstart and Northern Parula. The endemic and Caribbean species most likely to be seen are: Jamaican Woodpecker, White-chinned Thrush, Rufous-tailed Flycatcher, Jamaican Tody, Jamaican Euphonia, Jamaican Vireo, Jamaican Becard, Vervain Hummingbird, Loggerhead Kingbird and Sad Flycatcher.

Great Deal on Zip Line Canopy and Rockland Bird Sanctuary from Falmouth Cruise Shore Excursions 

Our Zip Line Canopy and Rockland Bird Feeding Sanctuary tour is exhilarating and tranquil experience that opens your senses to excitement and nature.

Zip Line Canopy and Rockland Bird Sanctuary Tour From Falmouth Cruise Shore Excursions Inclusion

  • Bird Sanctuary (Learn about the birds and multiple feedings)
  • Zipline Canopy 

​What your Tour Includes

  • Private Round Trip Transportation to and from Falmouth Pier 

​Additional Information

  • Days Available: Mondays - Sundays
  • Pick Up Time: As per Cruise Ship Shedule Docking Time
  • Professional Guides
  • Things to take: Camara
  • Tour duration: 6 hours

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