Things To Do In Kingston

PPJT your Jamaica Primier Tour and Transportation services welcome you to Kingston, Jamaica's vibrant Capital and where history was made with music and home to the greatest Reggae musician icon ever Bob Marley. This is a must for all of his fans and musical lovers as you step in his footsteps and hear the stories of this reggae ambassador who put Reggae Music and the Rastafarian way of life. In Kinston you can visit where Bob Marley spent the earlier part of his life. Visit Trench Town, the Bob Marley Museum and Finally Tour Tuff Gong Studio.

Trench Town was an area where he spent his teenage years and where it's claimed he learnt to play the guitar. Still in it's original layout you will also be told about the struggles of life which he endured during those truberlent times.

On to the Bob Marley Museum. This was where Bob recorded many of his songs and also where he lived. Your guide will tell you about his life here and share personal details. Recommended for all Marley fans!

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